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These are just a few tips. Remember being a salesperson is a profession and you must approach it in a professional manner by building a good relationship with customers and in their eyes you are the honest and helpful person they wish to seek whenever they need your products or services.

Be prepared - Preparation is very key to having successful sales experience. before making a sales call, make sure you have properly done your homework. I have seen sales people messed up by prospects because they were not fully prepared for the encounter. Highly intelligent people would ask very intelligent questions about your offer. The level of your preparation will determine if you would be able to rise to the occasion and get their patronage.

Continue your own sales professional development. Keep learning so that you can help your potential customers (a.k.a. prospects) and existing customers.

Sell the Benefits - Not the Product: Ultimately, people don't care about you or the product - they want to know how the product will benefit them.

Know what sells - If you have ever been to then you know how much stock they put in suggesting other products than the one the visitor originally wanted. "People who purchased XYZ also found these products interesting" is shown for every listing and there's a reason for it. It works. They make more sales off of upsells than the original product. So know what people buy in your store.

Improved customer service - How is your customer service? Ask your customers how they rate your customer service. If your staff are happy, they will probably offer good customer service. Have your staff had customer service training? It may be a good time to implement a training program to ensure your staff are delivering the best customer service possible.
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Gain Commitment

Closing the sale by gaining a commitment follows a successful case presentation. This is time for a small celebration, but it is not the end of this proven selling process.
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Followed Through

Just because he got the verbal agreement, Don ensured the sale was completed. The extra time it took to do this is minimal in light of trying to chase people down when they don't follow through. He also thanked the client for the sale and provided his contact information for any future needs.

Place an ad in your local paper. Be sure to give the address and any other pertinent information. If you do not want "early birds", say so. List your phone number if there might be any confusion to finding your sale. Don't forget to place large colorful signs around the neighborhood and at major intersections.

These top tips on sales management should help to make sales teams more organised, resourceful and effective.

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